Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bends in the road

An old Joni Mitchell song runs circles in my brain as I take my daily walk.

"Don't it always seem to go
that you don't know what you've got till it's gone.
They paved paradise
and put up an parking lot."

Not a parking lot exactly, but my neighborhood is changing as they have cut down trees and shredded a variety of wildflowers in order to put in a large thoroughfare smack dab in our secluded residential area.

I've heard it is called progress. Convenience to shopping malls is not what I would necessarily call progress. I will have to go further afield to gather my natural dye materials and take my children on spur of the moment nature journeys. But I will be able get to some places in a lesser amount of time. Still, some days I weep inside.

Yet there are wonderful bends in the road too. We celebrated a good friend's fortieth birthday in the park with a picnic lunch and cupcakes.

Since Charlotte has learned to count in tens, the one candle for every ten years made perfect sense!


~Karen~ said...

It's been beautiful for a picnic in the park! All the scheduled rain we've had forcasted has not developed around my house. ;o)
Alaina was just saying to me the other day as we drove down the road, that she hates to see them clearing land for more developments. She worries about the animals being forced out of their "homes". I tend to agree about progress. I really don't need to be closer to town.

crochet lady said...

In the last 16 years I lived out in the "country" a mini suburbia has developed with new roads crossing what used to be farm fields and at least 20 new houses in the few blocks around our home. I mean it used to be us a two other farmers in the area. I miss those days. I know that doesn't sound very neighborly, but I grew up a country girl with the next closest neighbor several miles down the road.

Deborah said...

Progress is not always such a wonderful thing. It often makes me cry inside too. I hope you will still be able to have enjoyable walks though.


Rhonda said...

I have to admit that this kind of progress is never popular with me. It is kind of sad to see the changes but I'm sure you'll get use to them in time.
I'm very intrigued by your natural dye post below also! That is very cool-love that.

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