Sunday, January 24, 2010


"I am very sorry to hear, Miss Fairfax, of your being out this morning in the rain. Young ladies should take care of themselves. Young ladies are delicate plants. They should take care of their health and their complexion. My dear, did you change your stockings?"

All this concerned solicitude from an older gentleman, Mr. Woodhouse, in Jane Austen's Emma. I could not but help feel ambivalent and mildly amused upon reading this recently in the book, yet I love what it says! Enough to share it with you anyway. The 2009 version of Emma broadcasts in our area beginning tonight. Rose and I have waited with great anticipation to see this newest version since Ribbons of Light first posted of it coming to television last fall.

So I will keep my mind on tonight's study from the book of Colossians while at church. But upon arrival at home we will all get snugly and comfortable in our nightwear, pop a large skillet of popcorn and situate ourselves in front of the television. Even if it is a school night( another wonderful benefit of homeschooling).

Two posts in a row...and I use a form of snug in both of them! It must be this cool rainy weather.


crochet lady said...

I've watched many different versions of that story again and again, it's a favorite. I have never read the book though. I might give that a try this year.

Deborah said...

We're having lots of rain too. Sounds like a fun evening!


PAK ART said...

sounds like a snuggly good time. I love those old classics but unfortunately my husband does not, so I never get to watch them unless he goes to cabin or hunting by himself. Then I pop popcorn and snuggle in and watch a great old movie by myself!

Nibs said...

My family's been watching this one too. So far I'm really enjoying it - I like it better than the ITV version! :)

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