Thursday, January 21, 2010

A morning at my house

"The sun was not yet visible but the whole morning sky behind the eastern hill of spruces was rose-hued, with gossamer clouds of pale gold strewn over it."

The Road to Yesterday
Lucy Maud Montgomery

It was only the slightest of whispers that escaped me as I slipped out the back door, braving the cold, to capture the beauty of the morning sky. So many things can never be described in words or pictures...but I tried.

A hearty breakfast awaited us as the sun hit its full power.

Doesn't porridge sound so much more appetizing than oatmeal? I like to think it does and the tasty additions of butter, maple syrup, maple candy and cinnamon made our porridge so good! I even enticed Charlotte to eat hers, in a pretty porringer, nonetheless.


Deborah said...

Could anyone ever tire of the beauty of sunrises and sunsets? Our God sure is amazing!

I think I would like to eat breakfast at your house. It's still boring old oatmeal here :o).


crochet lady said...

The glory of the morning sky is wonderful!
When every I think of the word porridge, I can't help but think of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

PAK ART said...

Maple syrup.....yum.

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