Friday, July 23, 2010

enjoying summer

Back in the early days of June when summer seemed to stretch out before us to a horizon filled with promise, I gathered my little "chicks" on the back porch one morning and we made lists.

Things we hoped to accomplish this summer, whether it be to learn something new or maybe just complete unfinished projects. In my mind I was looking for something outside the bounds of random minutes that have a way of getting lost in the hours of my day.

The girls cooperated and I jotted down things that all three of us found desirable.

So it was this week the realization that I was fretting hit me. The things that looked and felt so good written on the page were not happening. In the process of summer living, fretting would soil the joy if I allowed it to. So a little randomness is okay. Schedules will start soon enough, but for now we will grow stout in the lavishness of the summer days and evenings of our world.

My days are beatific once again.


wayside wanderer said...

This is something I have been struggling with, too, and I very much appreciate your thoughts. I need to embrace this myself and enjoy the gift that summertime really is.

crochet lady said...

Non-scheduled days are the best, gives you a chance to just relax.

Hill upon Hill said...

I am missing our holidays which ended two weeks ago. I miss the children, I miss the relaxing atmosphere. I miss their presence. I miss the sunshine on the deck adn sitting there together. Weekends are feeling too short right now. How lovely to have a long Summer holiday together.
For the first time, I let go of any "shoulds" and rather just was in the presence/present. One of our most wonderful breaks ever.

The dB family said...

Great thoughts! Thank you for sharing them. I keep reminding myself the last couple of weeks to work at living in the moment. It's so hard to keep my mind from racing ahead at full speed.


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