Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a stash of chocolate

A bug bit me sometime around the first of the year. This bug demanded the cleaning, the straightening and the putting aright of several closets and cupboards.

An assortment of chocolate was found on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard, a stash was also discovered in a bedside table drawer, and an entire unwrapped bar was hiding on a closet shelf!

Now the chocolate has the temporary venue of an antique egg basket.
No more hide and seek, though willpower might need to be unleashed in greater measure. 


GretchenJoanna said...

That venue would be *very* temporary, short-lived indeed, in my house! But then I would buy some more chocolate to put in the basket....

wayside wanderer said...

I will be right over! =D

I have not seen the toffee intense dark but I will be looking for it! Yum. You have good taste in chocolates!

~Karen~ said...

I think that bug flew to my house and bit me, too. I'm so very happy it did! The closets are more organized than they've ever been. Just wish I could find a stash of chocolate. Ha!

Karen Andreola said...

I can certainly understand how willpower would be needed. I, too started on closets. It must be an early longing for spring cleaning.
Seeing your needlework on other posts was as treat. I hopped onto a sewing post with your girls' Easter dresses - so sweet.
Karen A.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

WOW!! I don't believe I have ever lost a stash of chocolate around here!! I do not have the discipline to ever not finish ALL the chocolate!! Tee Hee
Hugs Love and Blessings, Linnie

The dB family said...

The most delicious of chocolates too! I have some chocolate in the house too, but the newly bakes lime cookies are my weakness this week.


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