Thursday, May 17, 2012

this was Sunday

Now I remember some of the reasons why I love small private colleges the best.

Graduation ceremonies held outside under large established trees on the lawn. The excitement was mounting as we crossed the campus. The same campus my husband and I attended and graduated from many years ago.  Actually our family has quite a history of graduates from this school through the years. 

Where else would you get refreshments of lemonade and cookies?

A two hour drive back home because Sunday had another wonderful event to be a part of at Witt and Claire's house. I love how Claire tells the story. Since she and Witt planned and orchestrated this fete, her insights are best. But let me just say from my end, it was a superbly crowning evening. I can not think of one thing to change to make it better. It was relaxing, fun, and filled with family laughter and conversation.

 A box of homemade truffles and
 "Love Letters" tied with a pink and white grosgrain ribbon to be read later.

I am oozing.

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wayside wanderer said...

So???...Witt and Claire are you son and daughter in law? I'm kinda slow that way. What a beautiful table setting and those pretty pink flowers are perfect.

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