Thursday, April 25, 2013

April morn wonder

Just the words, April morn,capture a sense of beauty and wonder, but the startling fact of the matter gave credence on this particular day in my breakfast room. Maybe it is in the touch of warmer temperatures, the smells of blooming trees, the visual effects of colorful flowers and verdant grass, or the merry sounds of song birds giving joyful choruses, whatever, April is worth praising.

                                     A smocking project being blocked...a blouse for Charlotte.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

How wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more. Beautiful morning light at your place.

Karen said...

What a beautiful day in your breakfast room. I have a room that I love in any season. And when it is that season, I think it is the prettiest in that room.

I love your needleworks that you post. Such a pretty and detailed blouse. I would love to see it completed, too.

I responded to you on my blog, but didn't know if you would see it, so I thought I'd hop over here and comment.

Yes, this is a lovely spring! I am getting immense pleasure from working on my outside areas, and getting them back in shape. It's a mess from two years of neglect. Sadly.

I hope you enjoy this, yet another, gorgeous spring day!

wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful work space you have and I love the kitty looking out the window onto your fabulous porch. I'm soaking up the details..the plants, the bird, the pencils and your beautiful smocking! Happy April!

Nancy said...

Lovely photos. Looking at your other blog, I suspect we are in a similar spot as my m-i-l is in hospice now. I was encouraged by some of the words you wrote, too.

I do not know why we are finding it so hard to connect! Here are two emails you might try and use to reach me - (not used as much)

From joy to joy,
Nancy (who is on vacation in AZ and loving the sun!)

The dB family said...

So pretty! I love the fabric. I like how kitty is sitting nearby too keeping track of things in the yard.


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