Friday, April 12, 2013

Show and Tell

 Ever since I was a child we had something called Show and Tell which everyone looked forward to at different times during the school year. So here I am now to relive those days and to show and tell you about  my latest  finished sewing project. My Smocking Guild group is full of ladies dripping in talent, and with this comes a display of ideas with things we should do as individual projects, to keep us sewing and learning new things. This past year, one of the projects we attempted to do was a book cover. You could use any fabric of choice, but I chose strips of natural colored silks sewn together and embroidered with threads of neutral tones. A book cover to gussie- up a photo album.

If you enjoy hand stitching, this would be a project well worth your time. It is so pleasing to hear the needle swoosh through the silk, and finding new stitches to practice on the seams filled many a winter evening. This is also a good take along project, and those of you who do this know how valuable and important that is while waiting for appointments or children who are in a piano lesson or such.

A memory keeper for sure!

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