Thursday, January 28, 2016


I joined a bridge club this past summer. I am finding that bridge is suffering from a lack of youth these days.  Unless the next generation's interest can be piqued to learn how to play bridge, the bridge games and clubs of yesterday might just fade away. A wonderful group of ladies welcomed me into their club and are patiently teaching me the fun and challenge of playing bridge. I do find it challenging, therefore the brain stimulation is excellent for me. We meet one Thursday afternoon a month and play for about two hours. Finally, I am the youngest one in a group again!

And we picked Alan up from the airport last night! He has been living in Taiwan for the past 21 months. I am truly grateful for technology allowing us to "see" him regularly. He is taking an afternoon nap at the present. His schedule will be off for a couple of days until jet lag has been conquered. For two whole weeks he will be with us!


vickie said...

Is Alan a child of yours? Isn't it great when they come home.
There is a lady in my knitting class that goes to bridge. She is on the younger side of what most would think play bridge. I have to admit that I always thought it would be older people that played bridge.

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh it is so nice to have son home.

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