Friday, June 6, 2008

A Good Read

".....but she knew also that what the world sees of the life of any human creature is not the real life; that life is lived in secret, a reality that moves behind the facade of appearance, like wind behind a painted curtain; only an occasional ripple of the surface, a smile, a sudden light or shadow passing on a face, surprising by its unexpectedness, gives news of something quite other than what is seen. And Marguerite believed that her real life was of value, besides being an immense joy to herself. She assured herself that the practice of the presence of God, that she had learned with self-discipline of thought and will, was not a selfish thing, but something absolutely essential if one's soul was to be of the slightest use."
Elizabeth Goudge, Green Dolphin Street

I really have enjoyed reading Elizabeth Goudge's books when I can find them on the library shelves. She is an engaging storyteller. It is always a treat to find her books at library book sales or goodwill shops; so I have added her to my list of seekers.

Dainty and Sweet

Oak-leaf hydrangeas are blooming in my front yard. Several bushes to cut bouquets from in the months of May and June. I use them handsomely on my table settings, especially when eating outside, which we do quite often.

reading and knitting with "small things"

I was pleased to discover Ginny had brought back her knitting and reading yarn along, because frankly I do find myself enjoying  the ...