Saturday, July 26, 2008


a garden's gem. They heighten everything in my garden
and my salad.
Nasturtiums are truly one of my most favorite flowers to plant every spring. If flowers could display quality traits I believe nasturtiums would speak of meekness yet strength. Even the large round bumpy seeds give me pleasure as I can set them so perfectly in the prepared dirt. One does not have to wait long for the sprouting, the required patience only begins after the leaves are full. Then like magic there's the first flower and the stage is set for the parade of blooms throughout the hot days of summer. The colors seem a mystery as they coordinate such shades of bright orange, pale yellow and dazzling red. If you have never planted them, you should.

the 13th of October

Friday, the 13th, and at last the weather has turned cooler. I breathe deeply as I turn off the air-conditioner and slide open a few windows...