Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sock knitting once again

As the garden spiders are joyfully welcomed upon making their annual appearance amongst the plants in my kitchen garden, I pick up my double-pointed needles once again to knit socks. Last year I had such earnest aspirations to knit a pair of socks for all my friends as Christmas gifts. Alas, I only managed for two of my friends to cozy their tootsies in hand-knitted striped wool socks. I have no such ambitions this year; just to feel the touch of the narrow threads of wool between my fingers and the gentle "sight whooshing" of the #1 needles is enough. I believe I am presently as much of a process knitter as a project knitter. If I only looked at the project I would feel such a failure because the projects are not completed adequately on the time scale that I think they should. Instead, I just pick up the needles, enjoy the moment.
Knit, Knit, Breathe, Knit.
And a little Bach adds extra bliss.

the 13th of October

Friday, the 13th, and at last the weather has turned cooler. I breathe deeply as I turn off the air-conditioner and slide open a few windows...