Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Secret Place

Some evenings Charlotte will take her bath before supper and instinctively slip her nightgown over her head. So it was on this night. But on a whim we decided to visit older brother's place. No time to change. It was definitely a "come as you are" visit.My girls are convinced their brother lives in a little playhouse with its gatekeeper appeal. Along with the many deer and fawns that greet you as you come up the driveway, there are also open fields, apple trees, and an enclosed garden with a heavy latched wooden door. You find yourself inadvertently holding your breath as you enter. The girls love to wander on the brick-paved paths and smell the variety of roses. It is unlike Mary Lennox's hidden place in The Secret Garden, yet you still find yourself enveloped in its unique charm. What awaits for you there?

This particular time a nightgown-clad princess skipping by was wonderful enough for me!

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