Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It felt as if Thanksgiving and Christmas were combined together and this day was the gift. Since our homeschooling is now in full swing, Rose had her last morning riding lesson. We will be changing to Monday afternoons starting next week.
So this beautiful morning I walked around the farm and shot pictures of whatever caught my fancy. Many things did..... Rose on Riley of course.

The barn stimulated my nose with its new cut hay smells. I make note of all the necessities for equine.
I can truly appreciate these things when I realize all this has the same appeal for my daughter as a yarn or fabric shop does for me.A raven beauty sits to lay her daily egg. I didn't even ruffle her feathers as I made a stop by the hen house.

And what would a farm be without a cat? This contented one answers to Oreo. He knows he has a bit of heaven.

The cloudless blue sky, the low humidity, and the warm sunshine all contributed to making this a rather quintessential kind of morning.

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