Monday, September 8, 2008

Les Miserables

My husband and I made a quick stop by the video store this weekend. I was hoping to find this movie but was disappointed to discover they did not carry it. The clerk said she hasn't even had anyone request it in years so I don't think my request made any difference on hoping to find it on the shelves in the future.

However, we were able to pick up Les Miserables and last night after church, upon tucking the girls in bed, my husband popped up some old fashioned skillet popcorn and we settled down to watch it. I truly can not believe I have never seen this movie. It was stupendous! Such lingering thoughts have stayed with me all day from this film because it was a true story of redemption that reaches deep into the human soul. The themes of grace, mercy, love and forgiveness were central and the analogies were remarkable.

(A very special thanks goes to Jacqui, who so kindly explained to me how to use the link function on my posts!).

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