Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rainy Day Pleasures

A day of darkness and clouds as pelting raindrops and intermittent streams of water ran down my pathways.

A day with a settling in mood which must be relished with total pleasure. We were planning a trip to Michaels this afternoon to buy sundry art items, but it felt too right to stay inside where it was snug and dry.

Charlotte and I made another apple cake, this time with walnuts. The leftover apple peels and a stick of cinnamon were put on the back of the stove top to simmer. My house smelled like apple pie just pulled out of the oven. We all enjoyed tea by candlelight this afternoon. Vivaldi playing in the background ....all around my kitchen table.

Tonight Mr. Putter attends his second class in obedience training. My husband and Rose are the elected handlers. Remember my job is to walk him....he was quite out of shape when I returned home after being gone for three days and therefore, our walk on Monday morning left him with tongue hanging out and lagging behind......several days without exercise makes one quite lax. But I certainly was able to stay in shape in the mountains. I walked up and down, across and over, and I visited the most serene prayer garden Friday morning. A wooden bridge went across a gurgling, singing brook. I was so rueful to have forgotten my camera, it was so absolutely worthless back home on the dining room table.

Since the weather was deliciously cooler, we turned off the AC and opened the windows. I could hear the rainsong even lovely.

And Charlotte wore a tiara to the tea.....all this along with sugar cubes!

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