Sunday, October 26, 2008

Twenty-six years

Turning twenty-six on the twenty-sixth....demands a yellow cake with a raspberry filling and an icing of whipped cream abundantly sprinkled with coconut.As tradition dictates, the dining room is decorated with brightly colored streamers. Even the "big kids" expect it and would miss not having this provincial form of hoopla awaiting them on the morning of their birthday. Many a birthday eve my husband and I have been up late hanging the twisted crepe paper streamers from the corners of the room.
My youngest and my eldest share the best kind of gift.....hugs and kisses. We laughed at all the funny expressions that ensued from Witt's face!

Witt attended college in the mountains, where it can get rather cold. Every Thanksgiving holiday we could expect him to arrive home with a beard. Now it seems that as soon as the weather starts to get cool, the beard appears once again. Now unless someone thinks I do not like husband has donned one for over twenty-five years. Yes, I most definitely like men in beards....but this man is my son!

wednesday granola

A Wednesday morn in May appears to be a very good day to begin a binge of healthy eating once again.  This granola is super easy to make...