Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet Penny

After hearing my daughter tell me over and over how I "needed" something on my blog title page since in her mind it was rather boring, I finally succumbed to her pleas. She would not let me stop last night until I got a picture to her liking. Oh, daughters! How delightfully wonderful they certainly are in so many ways, but beyond counting at this present time.

Hence the picture of Penny. A true and faithful domesticated feline for 15+ years. She is frankly fat. This is due to lack of exercise on her part since what you are seeing in the the picture is what she spends the majority of her day doing. And it is fascinating to me how she chooses her places of daily abodes which change every couple of weeks.

Unless you sit down and she curls up with you, purring all the while. I can just feel my blood pressure calming with such coziness. She sleeps beside me every night.....yes, Penny on my left side and my dear one on my right. I feel just like a Roly-Poly Pudding.

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