Saturday, January 10, 2009

Knitter's Poem

"Under the fence
Catch the sheep
Back we come
Off we leap"

Spending time teaching Charlotte those things which are dear to me, knitting in this case. My mother's heart is smitten with even further delight because she appears to absorb herself in such vast contentment. She is quite dexterous with her hands, always has been for that matter.

The little ditty comes from Melanie Falick's book, Kids Knitting. It is an excellent way to get children ( or adults too for that matter) to remember the four steps involved in knitting. As Charlotte was happily manipulating the knitting needles she was repeating these lines with forced concentration and wrinkled brow. As the frothy pink scarf for her American girl doll progressed with each stitch and the stitches became more even, she looked at me with her twinkling brown eyes and declared, "I can knit without saying it now!"

Under the fence

Catch the sheep

Back we come

Off we leap

(By the way, that is chipping off red nail polish on her fingernails.)

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