Friday, February 13, 2009

A Daughter's Heart

What a thoroughly satisfying day. The girls in Polished Cornerstone planned and executed an evening of serving their fathers a special meal. The purpose stems from a deep desire we have to foster in our daughters the idea of holding their fathers in the role of a "knight in shining armor" until the day comes that he, in fact, will give them away to their future husbands. This is so imperative, to give our daughters the love and attention they crave, and need for that matter, while they are yet still at home under our care and protection.

The girls also wrote a letter to their fathers to be included in a pail of goodies, and at the end of the meal each father reached out plucking a rose from the center vase and presented it to their daughter, one long-stemmed rose.

Confetti of pink and red hearts spiraled from fingers across the white tablecloth. I had such a difficult time catching this on film, which only reminds me of how quickly these years of my daughter's girlhood are spiraling away from me. Each day is a priceless gift.

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