Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movies and Music for Rainy Days

Rainy days have a tendency to make droopy eyelids. And two days in a row might even cause lugubrious tendencies. Therefore, other forms of inside entertainment are sought.

Smocking bullions on Charlotte's Easter dress kept my fingers busy, while the girls and I were able to use inside time to watch Hallmark's showings on the movie renditions of Janette Oke's books, Love Comes Softly all the way to Part Six, Love's Unfolding Dream. Rose enjoyed them but inquired as to why they must be so sad at times.

A time to play the piano. Mood music of Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata and Fur Elise fit the bill rather nicely. My imagination was free to run aloft as the legatos and crescendos caressed the ivory and ebony keys. Jane Austen took center stage naturally.

tea relish

Funny how little things scurry into my mind these days. Things "au nouveau" that prick interest, the voice in the back of my mind ...