Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For Ailments

Several years ago a very bright person told me about Sambucol ( or Sambucus, black elderberry), an immune booster syrup with earned bragging rights. Especially helpful during the cold and flu months, it can be given as a daily supplement or just when exposure to sickness or the beginnings of an ailment in any form have struck you or anyone in your nest.

Real life scenario: Rose came down with a bug last week, the same one that has been spreading around this area: head and body aches, low fever, fatigue. I immediately began to dose Charlotte and myself spoonfuls twice a day and we stayed well. Sometimes it might mean a less severe case of a sickness and a shorter recoup time. It's efficacy has been proven in my home more times than can be counted. I am one of its cheerleaders for life!

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