Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny Blooms

A break in the rain to enjoy a romp down the road and through the woodsy areas. We must not bemoan the superfluous amount of rainfall because the rains will bring more flowers in May. Not included are pictures of the colorful tulips, red buds and dogwood trees which are making their entrance on Spring's stage.

Rose took the picture of these delicate fanciful wildflowers picked from their beds scattered among the dead leaves. I slipped them into a buttonhole of my jean jacket (see header above) while she chose to tuck hers behind her ear in true maiden form.

Not wanting the life of these tiny beauties to end, Charlotte gingerly plucked a few and I came home to place them in a jar of water to rest upon my kitchen windowsill.

My fingers are tightly crossed, please root.

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