Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lemon Yellow

This time of year shouts yellow to me, specifically lemon yellow. Therefore, I had been thinking about tasting lemon things and I would find myself puckering and salivating with just hints of yellow things before me....and in my world yellow abounds!

My eldest son knows my love of books, old and new, so he gave me a bookstore gift card for my birthday. I had so many choices to make, but finally decided on Jane Brockett's, The Gentle Art of Domesticity. I chose wisely because I literally pore over this book and it rewards me by pouring out a magnitude of things that seriously satisfies my need for domestic well being.

There was a recipe for Lemon Cake in this book that I could not resist. And it did the job splendidly for meeting any need I had to eat something lemony; the icing alone was confectionery sugar with lemon juice.....very lemony. However, you must go here to get the corrections for the measurement conversions if you own the first edition US printing of this book.

I do believe hunting through our supply of gourmet jellybeans to get out all the yellow ones added a nice touch too. I will now think lemon because of the lack of yellow in the candy dish Sunday, but Lime Cake is on the menu.....and by the way this time of year shouts green to me!

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