Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Time to stop, and taste the herbs

I could be forlorn about forgetting to take pictures of today's event, but because the day was wrapped in what makes for such good stuff, any disappointment dissipates like puffs of smoke.
Another luncheon, this time a meal shared with the mothers and daughters of the Bible Study I lead with three of Rose's peers.

Everything was prepared with herbs in mind carried with a vintage flair. I am partial to chilled soups for summer luncheons, therefore, gazpacho was served in soup cups, all in a different china pattern. Rosemary buttermilk biscuits with butter meshed with oregano, thyme and parsley; deviled eggs with chives; cantaloupe with prosciutto, mint and goat cheese, rounded off the menu. And for dessert, lavender pound cake with a touch of lemon cream cheese icing and sweet plump raspberries on the side.

The girls went upstairs while the mothers sat and talked. Time stopped in our world for a while as we sat around the dining room table, but upon glancing at the clock, we regretfully acknowledged it was time to go........

After it was all cleaned and washed, this is one of the few photographs I have to remember the day. My wedding crystal, all rather lined up as soldiers, don't you think.?

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