Saturday, July 25, 2009

late July prosperity

The mornings are darker now that July is fading into its last full week. I arise early and as Hannah Whitall Smith pens so eloquently, "And He said such delightful things, that to find them out became my supreme delight."

His Word is the best place to start my day. I am on a treasure hunt every morning.

Basketmaking has me in its grips. This basket especially is a favorite of mine. I call it my "Dorothy" basket, except I carry my knitting around in it instead of Toto.

By rule of thumb in my garden, basil is not usually potted, but put into the ground where it can stretch its roots down deep into the soil. But I had an extra basil plant this year and no where to put it so I decided I would plop it into a clay pot with some oregano. I zap it from time to time with just a small dilution of Miracle Gro. It prospers. Just as I desire my life in Jesus to prosper when I feed it.

Enjoy your weekend!

at the shore cum amica mea

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