Sunday, August 2, 2009

Higgledly-Piggledly Bedroom

".....She had ended by desperately tackling the worst job of all, which was to put her bedroom in order.
This room, in spite of Mother's random efforts, had an obstinate habit of never being as neat and pretty-looking as she wished it to be. On the contrary it was always getting into a comfortable, higgledy-piggledly state"'.

Life With Father
Clarence Day

What appropriate words for describing the usual condition of my bedroom......"a comfortable, higgledy-piggledly state". And Saturday morning I found myself tackling the job of straightening and cleaning this room of my house, however unsuspectingly. Sometimes I find that might be the best way for me to handle such chores, matter of factly, caught unawares, and the chore becomes a driving force that can't be hampered come what may. Now as I breeze into my bedroom, order and neatness soothe me, and I am wondering why I allow it to get into that condition of dumping-grounds central in the first place.

I have read all manner of excerpts on how a bedroom may be a reflection of one's married life and the bedroom should be viewed as a haven, a restful abode, for a husband and wife. So while I believe that can be a desired goal to attain to, still I will maintain that the bottom line for me is the deep sighs of contentment I experience, on an entirely different plane, when the room is orderly and everything appears to be in its rightful place.

But I still very much like the delightful verbiage of "a higgledly-piggledy" state, so from this day forward I shall find special comfort to attribute to messiness, when my bedroom undoubtedly resorts back to its many layers of books and magazines, piles of ironing and standing ironing board, sewing and knitting supplies, sewing machine, etc., that have collected on the floor, dresser, chair or nightstands of my bedroom.

By the way, it appears my computer is in a state of its own.......woebegone. I plan to call my computer friend tomorrow because he has a way to help me through these woes. I am using Alan's laptop to make this post, one that I had hoped to do yesterday, and for that reason I do not have pictures to download of my neat and pretty-looking bedroom.

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