Wednesday, August 5, 2009

daisies, computers and August

I am back!

And the well-known children's ditty, "She loves me, she loves me not" reverberates like echos off a canyon, with a slight alteration of......"I love it, I love it not." What else but my computer! We have this on again and off again relationship. But my son's good friend, whom I have watch grow up into a, now married, young man, is the definite man of the hour(s) . He has come to my rescue on many of an occasion. He is attempting to teach me how to handle these crises on my own, I must admit here I am helplessly inept. Thank you ____ and here's a little pocket change. We play a game. He initially refuses the money, but takes it with just a nudge of insistence.. Today, I heard he called my son and said, "Your mother paid me, let's go to lunch.... on me."

August......I love it, I love it not.

The extremely hot, humid weather, we refer to them as dog days; while this definitely conjures up imaginative mind pictures, it is, in fact, too good a word. This is the sort of weather that even an eight o'clock a.m. walk will leave you dripping wet! The cicada songs ring throughout the day, haunting almost. Expectations of new things to come tingling, just under the skin, yet we are holding onto every single moment.

We are not wanting to give up these happy, carefree days of summer.

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