Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To see and to capture

You would go too if you were invited. A salt treated pool for an afternoon of swimming in a lovely setting with good friends.

First of all, let me say I have way more camera than I need. To learn even a small degree of photography skills fascinates me, but presently I am definitely a student teaching herself. (Are there any teachers out there?) Today I took along my macro lens with the intentions of experimenting. Positioning myself at distances to take close up shots was the focus of today's lesson.

Rose has been working to save up money for her own digital camera. She made her decision on the one she wanted, and could afford, last Saturday. The number one factor for her was size, the smaller the better. But she has learned the capabilities of her camera rather nicely and I hope to see some good shots, then maybe I can expose her to using my camera.

These two lovebirds were perched on the windowsill overlooking the pool. My eye caught their whimsy and beauty. If only I could make my camera do the same thing. It is so easy to see your mistakes in the photos when you come home and download them onto the computer.

But you have, on a positive note, caught an entry of the views my eyes beheld and attempted to capture on this marvelous summer afternoon.

A time of swimming in a non-chlorinated pool, drinking ice cold water smudged with beads of condensation, and snapping picture after picture of a very beautiful world.

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