Saturday, January 30, 2010

Purple Toile T- Cozy

Marvelous purple toile waiting for the perfect day to be made into a tea cozy.

I only wished I could have finished it before nightfall and then I would have set it amidst the beautiful snow for photographs.

Something called gimp cord, made by Mettler, was used to create almost a shirr with a strip of fabric; I must say this gives this tea cozy a more formal look in my eyes.

I am dancing a merry step very much like that woman on the right. My family is cozy, and now due to this perfect snowy Saturday, so is my teapot.

The variants in the shades of purple are manual versus automatic focus. The lighting outside would have been so much prettier.


~Karen~ said...

I have never owned a tea cozy. I guess because I don't own a teapot that works well. (drips horribly). Mom and I always shared tea in the afternoons before I got married. She has a beautiful teapot that will one day be mine. Maybe I'll make a cozy then! Stay warm!!

Deborah said...

What a fun day! Your tea cozy is perfect! The shirring really does at to it.


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