Friday, January 1, 2010


I reluctantly put away all the Christmas cheer throughout the day. I am not ready to stop hearing and singing Christmas songs and saying Merry Christmas. I am not ready to stop finding Christmas cards in my mailbox, and I am definitely not ready to get back to the routine of school. Yet, today the Christmas tree was stripped of its lights and ornaments and tossed away, just as the boxes of Christmas decorations and wreaths were packed and rendered to the lonely attic. And lastly, the Christmas music was sadly stored in the Christmas box in the stereo cabinet until next year.

A walk around the block where the sound of Mr. Putter's nails on the pavement reminded me of the typewriters of my youth. The children were riding their bikes and we were walking a rapid pace to keep up.

Home to jigsaw puzzles and coffee, the making of yeast rolls and the putting a pot of black-eyed peas to boil.

Alan set the table tonight. I can always tell, his glass of iced tea is placed where it should be for him, on the left side.

However, I was insistent that the lights in my kitchen window will remain through these days of January, a beacon of welcome to shine in the dark of winter's night.

Happy New Year!


crochet lady said...

Such lovely things on your blog today. Your meal looks wonderful.

Like the pics on your header. Love that snowman, is that jelly beans I see for teeth?

Hill upon Hill said...

We too put our decorations away. It is hot and humid...I too will miss the music and will revisit the 11pm service on Christmas Eve in my own space.

~Karen~ said...

I'm like you in that I hate to see the season go. But because we will be very busy the next few weeks, I needed to get my own house in order. I sort of transition by leaving a small tree up decorated with snowflakes and white lights, and candle bulbs in my window lights. Oh, and snowmen pop up all over the house. We also watch those christmas movies we did not have time for during December.
Hope your week-end is pleasant and relaxing.

Deborah said...

I finally started tidying up and putting away today. I think I may just listen to Handel's Messiah one more time yet though.Your photos are beautiful and inspiring!


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