Monday, February 1, 2010

points of view

It's all in the angle. This past weekend the angle of the kitchen rocker was adjusted to look outside the windows at our winter wonderland.

It was a favorite viewing spot throughout the day.

Some of us sat and drank coffee.

While others sat and smocked.

That is when we were not outside viewing this.


crochet lady said...

Looks like a cozy spot in which to enjoy winter.

Deborah said...

Wintery views are really enjoyable -- especially when you only go outside because you want to.

You know how to smock?! I don't, but I think it is so pretty. I always tended to buy dresses for the girls that have been smocked. I do hope you will show us the finished product too!


~Karen~ said...

Very cosy, indeed! I still have candles in our windows, too. It just makes the snow that much more delightful!
Your smocking skills amaze me. I have a friend that smocks the most beautiful gingham dresses for her three girls. She promises to teach me soon. I have to get ready for the possibility of grand daughters some day! ;o)
Stay warm today!

tea relish

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