Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Menu

Feedings this weekend...nourishment for the spirit and soul.

I will be attending this conference with a friend. I have seen Sally Clarkson in person several years back at a homeschool conference. I appreciate her ministry of encouraging women in their faith and calling.

There are frozen turkey potpies in the freezer, Rose's idea of preparing dinner. I do not sweat what my family will eat when I am away. They get hungry...they eat.

When I arrive home at 5:30 on Saturday afternoon, I will have four out of town guests at my house. This morning, between packing and schooling, I have cleaned the guest bathroom, changed the bed sheets and vacuumed and dusted the guest room. Instructions have been given for Rose to clean her room for the other two guests, a young mother and her adorable one year old.

These guests are very good friends. They go into your kitchen cabinets, grab what is needed and generally make themselves at home. I am not sweating this either.

A basket of chocolates atops the bureau, a little sweetness to feed any cravings.


The dB family said...

Sounds just about right for a weekend away :o).

Isn't Sally Clarkson wonderful!?


Hill upon Hill said...

Oh that is lovely. You are so fortunate to hear Sally Clarkson speak. I love her book "Ministry of Motherhood."

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