Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mark's gift

Exceedingly desiring to post a couple of wedding photos.

Giving thanks for dear friends such as Mark that came and took candid shots on cameras and cell phones. Of course, they then took the time to email pictures while we breathlessly wait on the professional photographer's booty.

I chose these two because I adore the looks on my oldest and youngest faces. They were beholding two entirely different attractions, but their expressions were out of this world fetching. Oh, it does a mother's heart good.

Now, I want to invite you to my summer abode. If you do not know about then it just might stir a wee bit of piquancy. I am piquantly stirred on these luscious summer days.


The dB family said...

Beautiful! I would have chosen them too. I love how photographs capture and hold expressions forever.

I'm off to check out your summer abode now!


The dB family said...

Listography is awesome! I'm signed up! I will be using it for sure!


~Karen~ said...

Happiness....pure happiness! Love it!

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh my, they are special photo's. I loved the insight.

I am confused re listography? How is it your Summer abode? I associate list making with busyness. Aren't you in need of a rest? I must say that I have not fully explored listography fully, just opened the front page....

crochet lady said...

What a blessing it must be to see such blissful smiles on your children's faces.

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