Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Reticule Inside and Out

This has been a season for creating reticules; not pocketbooks, clutches, or even purses, mind you, but little bags of silk set apart for toting to those special occasions. 

It all started in March with this reticule.  Clutched in my hand on my son's wedding day gave it bona fide status for a special occasion. The dusty rose pink ribbon was the exact shade in the dress I wore. I gave thoughts to what its contents would be too, which ended up being a lace handkerchief, a tube of lipstick, and a tampon. I could be assured all dire essentials were covered.

Several new things were learned on this project, one of which was beading. Beading appears to add elegant shimmer to any special occasion reticule.

Setting it amongst the dried blossoms on my hydrangea bush was another special occasion altogether, but I thought it had a lovely space there too.


wayside wanderer said...

You are making these? What a beauty! I'm very impressed with your handiwork.

crochet lady said...

Cathy, those are so very beautiful! I love the beading and the ribbon work. Have you made very many of those kinds of bags?

How to have something special to have by your side at your son's wedding.

You seem to be so gifted in adding those special touches to life's moments.

~Karen~ said...

Just beautiful! Very elegant.u

Cathy said...

I did make this purse, I mean reticule, because it was the project for the silk-embroidery class I took. It just so happens it was a perfect project for a special day.

My smocking guild is making an Italian smocked silk reticule this summer. I am presently sewing beads on it, but I will be sure to show the finished work. It has been fun.

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments!

The dB family said...

It is positively stunning!! I love the setting you took its portraits in too. It looks like something out of Victoria magazine. I can totally imagine it with your dress. I think I might have been envious if I had seen you :o). Can't wait to see your next one too!


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