Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rustic Apple Tart

Appley goodness visited my kitchen yesterday.

My husband braved the ladder as we picked apples on Witt's trees once again. This time the apples were not being culled due to the overabundance as they were before, but were ripe for the picking, tart and delicious.

The thoughts of tarts have been bouncing around in my mind as of late, and since apples were aplenty in my kitchen, I thought they were the best choice for the moment. The recipe was found here, however, I did not use the apricot preserves in my tart. The use of so much butter was somewhat disconcerting, but  the recipe called for a small amount of sugar, so the taste is definitely in the buttery crust and the apples.

 Cinnamon and nuts would be good additions, and I might add them in future apple tarts.  I am thinking this tart crust recipe would also be good with peaches and raspberries, or maybe even plums.

Definitely rustic, as in simple

I just took one out of the oven for Sunday's dinner. My husband expects a scoop of ice cream on the side will take it to even higher levels of delicious. He is probably right, but I can not imagine it being any better than it already is.


wayside wanderer said...

Yuuuuum! This looks delish!!!

crochet lady said...

The rewards of all the summer heat....ripe lucious fruit to make tarts with. YUM.

The dB family said...

Yum! It sounds and looks so good!


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