Saturday, September 4, 2010

The less packed into my day, the better.

This is not a reality, however, I aspire to maintain the premise that it is. I find time to brew tea, even if it is cold brewed in only three to five minutes. Quite tasty, and gives me a pick me up so I am able to  keep going... since my days are packed.


wayside wanderer said...

Twinnings is a favorite but I have not seen this cold brew variety. I have been cold brewing our pitchers of tea for the past year or so and i really think it tastes better. Not sure why that is though.
I hope things slow down for you soon.

crochet lady said...

I've done cold brewing this year too and find I can't really tell the difference.

Tea is a part of everyday for's just not complete without it.

Hill upon Hill said...

I agree. I consider a cup of tea time to include the cooling down time and the cup and I need to be seated next to one another.
I also will not drink tea or coffee on the run.

~Karen~ said...

We're right there with you. I intended for this year to be a slower paced year. Ha! Not to be, it seems.
Hope your school year is going well. We're in the thick of it.

The dB family said...

Tea time is my afternoon quiet time provided I slow down long enough to remember to brew it. Perhaps it's time to make it more of a ritual.


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