Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sweet partings

Summer, you sang your last song,

 Labor Day is in our rearview window.

Yet we were able to officially close summer our own way, in style... at the lake...on a boat.  Delft blue skies with puffs of white clouds, lukewarm water to tube in, sunshine to lightly toast our bare arms and legs, and an affable breeze to blow our sun-kissed hair, picnic baskets and coolers filled with pimiento cheese for sandwiches or celery, pickles, watermelon, key lime pie, and brownies.

And pleasing to some taste buds, a cracker spread with basil pesto, cream cheese, goat cheese and garlic...yummy!

I measure my years by summers.

Good-bye sweet summer... until next year.


wayside wanderer said...

That looks like a perfect farewell...beautiful weather, yummy food, and happy faces. The lake where you are reminds me of where my grandparents lived in east Tx. We spent much time with them when I was growing up and your pictures are such a familiar sight.

The dB family said...

Delicious in every way!


Hill upon Hill said...

You too enjoy a lake?

I have loved catching up with your posts. I love moving furniture around.

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