Wednesday, November 17, 2010

no secrets here

It is no secret that this is my most favorite young couple.

No secret either that their birthdays are only two days apart in late October.

We let go of any clandestine tendencies and celebrate grandly with both families. Dinner, cake, and presents, 

the only secrets hanging around until the wrappings are peeled off.

And since it should not be a secret to anyone, I am simply pleased as punch to announce Claire's spot in the blogging world.


Carolina Gal said...

Glad to see your comment, and will continue to pray for your week ahead.
We've always celebrated with both families in our family, too. So much easier, and fosters good relationships.
Happy birthday to your two "kids".

wayside wanderer said...

What a fun gift! And a cute couple!

crochet lady said...

They are certainly a sweet couple.

I'll be sure to stop by Claire's spot.

The dB family said...

Happy birthdays to the lovely couple. I think I will be greatly enjoying Claire's blog for food inspiration.

Love and prayers!

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