Friday, January 8, 2010

Simmering Smells

Aromatherapy was created for people like me in mind.

Being highly sensitive in the olfactory sense seems to be either a blessing or a detriment depending on how you look at it. So many images are conjured up with smells wafting by and, oh the places I may go are simply amazing with just a whiff of certain pleasant smells.

Therefore, good natural aromas are the ideal when I set out to make my home smell marvelous. One of my favorite at this time of year, especially since orange peels are abundant and throwing them in the garbage pail seems such a waste, is a pot of water filled with:
orange peels or slices of orange,
cinnamon sticks,
whole allspice,
and whole cloves
placed on the stove top over low heat. Apple peels may also be added to the pot.

You must remember to continue adding liquid throughout the day. Another advantage to this simmering pot is the humidifying affects to your winter home. I am being doubly blessed as I enjoy my simmering pot of fruit and spices today.

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