Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"Last of all came Domestic Science. One great advantage to being a junior girl was that you were eligible to take Domestic Science.

"I think I'm going to love Domestic Science," Betsy said.
Betsy Was A Junior
Maud hart Lovelace

"For me it is recognition - recognition of the worth of homemaking, of overlooked skills, of ordinary things. Above all it is the recognition of the small but significant moments of pleasure that come with an acceptance and enjoyment of the domestic space."

The Gentle Art of Domesticity
Jane Brocket

Domesticity presides over my life, yet I am certainly able to master it and even take delight in the substance of which inevitably creates the minutes and hours of my day. I swell in the very meaning of the word and I willingly abide with the satisfaction of knowing there is no better place I would rather be.

Some domestic pleasures on this day:

:teaching Charlotte how to crochet

I love to crochet. She would comment every once in a while, "I thought you said it was easier than knitting."

: smashing and chopping of fresh vegetables

Preparing guacamole to go with the pot of beans simmering on the stove for tonight's dinner.

:sewing a sleeve on the silk peach colored dress I am making

Rose will be attending a Regency Era Ball in March, more on this later.

:completing the fingerless mitts made from Malabrigo yarn, a heavenly blend of wool and silk.

I had knitted a pair of mitts from the same pattern in a luscious shade of creamy sand for Claire as a Christmas gift. They were lovely on her long slender hands.

: hand washing the dishes from our afternoon tea

Even though my automatic dishwasher is always in some process of being loaded or unloaded, I savored those few moments of washing those pretty china things in the soapy suds.

How was the art of domesticity revealed in your life today?

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