Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saying it with a Song

Nothing seems to beat those impromtu date nights with my wonderful husband. A little bit of gussying up and out the door with anticipation of spending uninterrupted time with him. We dined at a fabulous new restaurant downtown in our state's capital.

Traveling home always finds us turning on the radio to a popular evening show, the only time we listen to it is when we are on a date night, it adds history. But it also becomes one of the most favorite parts of our date night, music to listen to and sing along with as we course down the highway amid the headlights and shadows.

This song is one of those songs that puts a smile on your lips every time you hear it. My husband and I totally agreed of how true the message is ...love only grows bigger, brighter and better.

Since Youtube is my source of every rhyme, reason, or whim of our culture, there could be no other way to actually share it with you, other than possibly taping us singing it together! Spiral Staircase does it so much better!!!! Yet we certainly have quite a bit of fun our way too.

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