Wednesday, August 4, 2010

and one more makes seven

We all dined together this evening.

Witt and Claire will be leaving for Canada on Saturday, so this will probably be their last visit with us until they return the following week. It was a grand time. We sat around the dining room table and talked and laughed as the candles gave off their soft alluring light, the sort that made lingering completely necessary.

The meal was quite simple actually, steaks cooked on the grill, risotto, focaccia bread, salad greens tossed with cucumbers, sungold tomatoes and homemade green goddess dressing, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese and a leaf of basil,( if you have not tried that one you must...easy peasy, and oh, so good!)

And since Claire has taught me to think beyond the box of sweetened desserts, cantaloupe sorbet with mint and lemon thyme was served.

Before leaving the table, there were contests of blowing out the candles. Alan won that one with bravados all around.

Then we cleaned up the kitchen together, without anyone running into each other. It was as if we had practiced.

Isn't that what family is all about, after all? Claire is fitting in so beautifully. The piece we had been missing and anticipating for years.

SO here are a few more photographs from the wedding day.

(If anyone would be kind enough to explain how to navigate the photos around on the post I would be most sincerely grateful! The new blogger has been a teeny bit of a challenge these days.)

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