Wednesday, November 30, 2011

on this last day of November

I am in the last days of drinking my morning's cup of coffee in this mug of mellow colors which remind me of fall, and thoughts of paisley spring into my mind too for some reason. My Christmas mugs have been pulled out from under the counter and are now settling in beside the coffee machine.

But this November morning was so restful, the sun was flooding my space and I wanted to remember the moment.

And just so you can be assured I am totally satisfied from my fingers... 

... to my toes.
(I  can get somewhat amused by all the feet I sometimes see online, therefore, it took quite an indulgent whim to post this picture of my feet).

 But don't you like my Toms?

On this last day of November I've ran about town a bit with scheduled morning orthodontist appointments, early afternoon piano lessons, and some Christmas shopping thrown in between times.  School is carried on too, either in the car or upon returning home.

Monday, November 28, 2011

autumn frock

 Thanksgiving Day was different this year.

Only five gathered around my table.  Menu and food preparation amounts were substantially  smaller too.

But the day was like a stream of honey being drizzled into a cup of warm tea.

Charlotte wore her frock.

You just have to appreciate bare feet on an autumn's day.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

costumes, toiles and ballets

toile (twa:l)
2. a garment of exclusive design made up in cheap cloth so that alterations and experiments can be made

The rehearsals for the upcoming Nutcracker are in full swing. It only seems fitting that I  do my part in the costume department. Yet the making of costumes that will be altered throughout many performances and in the forthcoming years is stretching me quite a bit. The lady in charge handed me bolts of festive shiny sleek material and a 10-12 size pattern and offhandedly mentioned they will be worn by little girls that are seven years old.

Before I wasted any of the beautiful fabric I decided a toile was in order.  An old sheet was accessed in the bottom of my linen closet to be used to make a raw costume from the pattern. The only alterations so far are in the length. Tonight I will grab one of the "polichinelles" aside for a proper fitting. Then the true work will begin.

At least Charlotte's autumn dress is completed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

coram deo

Latin study has molded itself into a part of my day.  The study of Latin is fascinating to me and I love it.   I will by no means try to make my attempts at learning Latin seem easier than it is, frankly, I find it difficult and challenging. If I could be a full time student maybe it would come with more ease, but my "older" brain is so full and busy, and alas, my attention span can run here and there like a very animated cartoon.  But I plod on. "Aut viam iveniam aut faciam" (I'll either find a way or make one).

Latin sayings, you just have to love them. One in particular has been on my mind lately.

Coram Deo  
Before the face of God

As I read Claire's blog this morning, that was what came to mind. (Could I possibly be thinking in Latin? HaHa!) I thought she conveyed this particular truth in her post where her personal perspectives and insights were open and honest, looking both inward and outward with specific everyday happenings in her life.

We are to live every moment of our lives with the realization of being in God's presence. With the absolute understanding that He is omnipresent and He is omniscient. How I live my moments, my days, should always be with this thought foremost in mind. To consider His sovereignty and His glory in everything should be my goal. My life makes up the whole of this whether I am teaching my children their school subjects, folding laundry, setting a pretty table for teatime, feeding my mother,  working in a soup kitchen or witnessing on a street corner; everything I do is done before the eyes of God. He sees my failures and my frailties; He sees the very smallest sins in my life and the most amazing miracle is that He loves me with an everlasting love and offers absolute forgiveness. His mercy and grace in abundance is always before me, how I chose to respond and live my life has great weight. Thanksgiving and praise are the gates, even when it might be sacrificial.

Therefore, I am a student of Jesus Christ. The study of His word has molded itself into my day...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the hotel

There appeared a new mat in the elevator every morning, "Have a Pleasant Saturday"or "Have a Pleasant Sunday", scripted in red with flourish, a mat for every day of the week. This simple bit of mien for proper detail was looked forward to with delight and expectation every time I stepped into the elevator. I just happen to take notice and appreciate such things. But then in this hotel, the hospitality offered is as natural as breathing.

We dined Saturday evening in the hotel's dining room where the waiter steps to your side offering a soup spoon atop a linen napkin that rests upon a china plate. It is rare indeed today to see this kind of presentation, but in a hotel filled with history, one that holds to a certain manner of tradition, it can be expected and relished.

The large, old window in our bathroom allowed views of the sunrise.

It is good to go away, yet it is even better to come home.  Experience has taught me that the absence of normalcy is what makes going away a special treat. But to quote a famous bard, "People usually are the happiest at home." I could not agree more.

 Home is the place where soup spoons are set by your soup bowl on any given day,  but very properly of course. 

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