Wednesday, February 2, 2011

on making beds and boiling eggs

Offense would not be taken if someone defined my life as prosaic. Because in some ways my daily routines could be truly described as such. Yet the opportunities and potential for fruitfulness is only fingers away.  To even think about trading my days doing other things creates a disconcerted edge in my soul.

In a day's work I most certainly have duties and responsibilities, but the value of the work that I do over the course of a day can be very rewarding and rich indeed. It allows for imagination and creativity beyond and back if I am so inclined to look for it.

 "Too often nowadays people feel that taking time for the ordinary everyday aspect of life and home is a waste of time."
Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
For The Family's Sake


Therefore, after having afternoon tea with my daughters comes the hand washing of a teapot. It allows breathing room in my day while gazing outside my kitchen window. If not conversing with my daughters while gently swishing the soapy water in the china teapot, I settle my mind with this simple act of ordinariness.

Quite exceptional work altogether.

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