Tuesday, October 18, 2011

stitching autumn

All it took was a notice in the morning's newspaper that a certain little needlework shop was going out of business. I expectantly hopped into my car that Friday morning bright and early, and the inspiration to begin cross stitching once again was born. Prime on the list was this sash which will be the embellishment on a dress for Charlotte this fall. I was delighted to find the variegated floss that made me think I was stitching autumn.

This was wonderful take- along handiwork when visiting with my mother. She, like her mother before her, is a Southern lady with knowledge and experience in sewing and handwork. She sewed me some of the prettiest things when I was growing up. I sense a certain satisfaction in her when I sit by her and stitch.

Today is liquid gold, oozing with the definition of Indian summer. The sash is completed and the cream colored dress it will adorn is in the works.

I'm off to do a little afternoon sewing!

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