Tuesday, March 20, 2012

here a comma, there a comma

everywhere a comma comma...

  I am thinking I might have a latent love affair with commas. I love using them! However, my desire to include them creates erroneous writing at times. They look so comfortable and contented sitting there in a sentence, but it is something like dancing a tango step in the middle of a waltz when used incorrectly. All this to say be kind when you observe my obsessive use of commas. Sometimes when I go back and reread my posts  I am downright appalled at my blatant ill use of them. But I can not help thinking how comfortable and contented they look hanging in there... sometimes they just need to swing on out of a particular sentence!

Another no no, 
yet another thing I am tempted to do.


Karen said...

Something else we have in common! I, too, love to use pretty, graceful, little things known as commas. :o) See? I'm quite sure mine aren't always in the right, or correct, place. :/

The dB family said...

You make me smile. I too greatly enjoy too many commas. I also wouldn't mind doing as the picture suggests. :o)


wayside wanderer said...

LOVE that picture!!! I tried knitting in the movies. It went well until the ball of yarn rolled out of my purse, onto the floor and down two rows in front of us. Not such a good thing.

I will give you much comma grace. I have the opposite problem, "If in doubt, leave it out." So I am sure I under comma. =)

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