Thursday, December 27, 2012

much to ponder

It was Christmas after all.

And even though it is days later when I am in the throes of wrapping paper and Christmas sweets and leftovers of the feasting kind, still...I am immersed in Christmas goodness.

Which is very evident as I download my photos and smile.

"But Mary kept all these thing, and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

This verse has been one of my favorites of all the Christmas verses read and reread in the Bible. A woman and a mother, roles she was given by her Creator. Yet He chose her, Mary, to be the mother of the Savior, her Savior too. She had  much to ponder.

But as women and mothers, we without doubt have much to ponder too. And I shall spend some of these slower days before the New Year pondering, getting my heartfilled.


wayside wanderer said...

I've always loved that verse about Mary. Your family is beautiful, even the goofy faces are beautiful. :)

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Immersed in Christmas goodness - what a beautifully apt description. Lovely family photos. Have a very pleasant next few days, a wonderful time to ponder and reflect.

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