Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a blue pot

 I had to ponder was it actually turquoise or aquamarine, and I decided I would in fact call it aquamarine since it is more blue than green. Whatever, as it is here sitting on my kitchen counter these days waiting to be returned to its rightful owner I have began to covet one for myself. not covet in the bad sense, just taking a gentle liking to it. And as if the pot wasn't enough to turn my head you should have tasted what was in the pot, a delicious chicken and leek soup made by Claire. She also sent along homemade bread and a "noisy" chocolate pie that I hope to get the recipe for and will share. I call it goldilocks pie because it was not too sweet, but just right. Noisy because we could not cease exclaiming over its virtues with every mouthful.
It was all accompanied with a vase of fresh flowers tied with a white ribbon.

She thought of everything!

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