Thursday, February 9, 2012

another yarn along week

Knitting and books give definition to my days.  I hope there will always be a book or two being read and at least one knitting project nearby in my life, even if the book may take weeks to read or the knitting project months to finish.

 I am for the most part a process knitter with the project being center front. And I see no ambivalence in this remark whatsoever. I love the process of knitting, the feel of the fibers crooked around my fingers and the repetitious rhythm of the needles and my hands. But I also love creating lovely things and dreaming about future projects to knit while seeing the completion of each knitting project only to start the entire process all over again with yet something else to knit.

I have looked forward to sharing with Ginny's yarn along group on Wednesdays, even if it is Thursday before I actually post it.

This week a grey chunky wool is being knitted into a cowl with 10.5 Turbo needles. I see cowls being sported these days and I must say my curiosity has been piqued when I see them. Are they comfortable to wear around the neck and do people truly enjoy wearing them? That might seem funny considering I am a person who loves wearing turtlenecks during the winter months, but I am not partial to scarfs like others might be. We shall see about this cowl.

And I  presently have two books in progress, (only two?) both by authors I have shared in past weeks. An excellent book filled with wisdom by Edith Schaeffer on prayer and another joy to read book by D.E. Stevenson, a perfect before you go to sleep read.

We have all of eternity to praise God in perfect bodies, in perfect surroundings, with beauty beyond our imagination now. We have only a very short time to make known to our Heavenly Father, our Savior and Shepherd, the Holy Spirit, our trust and love. Yes, we are to pray, knowing that nothing is too hard for Him, nothing is impossible for Him to do for us. But we join the martyrs through the centuries in tiny opportunities, or in major ones, to show the reality of our love for God.
Edith Schaeffer
A Life of Prayer

Time has been gentle here.
What on earth do you mean?
Father said, "Lewis, take the tray for Charles."
Lewis got up, muttering, "Well, I don't know what he means."
"Charles's meaning is perfectly clear," declared Father."Time has had a hand in the making of your mother's drawing room; everything has been here for years and has matured gently in the sunshine. There isn't a jarring note."
D.E. Stevenson
Sarah Morris Remembers

at the shore cum amica mea

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